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It's one thing to shoot an occasional home video on something with three legs and a "fluid-effect" head. However, if you happen to do it every day for a living, it is quite a different situation. Conditions may vary from live reporting in bad weather to press conferences on polished wood floors, and your shots must look good, reliably. This calls for something of a much higher caliber--something like the Libec LS-100M(2A) Professional 2-Stage Aluminum Tripod System.

The foundation of the LS-100M(2A) is the robust T103 2-stage aluminum alloy tripod with dual-tube construction. Rotary clamps firmly lock each section in place regardless of temperature fluctuations, and the BR-5S mid-level spreader adds lateral strength without fuss on uneven terrain. Indoors, the FP-3 foot pads protect floor surfaces from scratching, while a convenient retractable cable quickly lashes all three legs together when collapsed for transport.

Standing tall on the 100mm leveling bowl, the H100 fluid head includes one PH-7 pan arm, but has a second rosette for dual or left-handed configurations. For varying lens and camera combinations, the continuously variable counterbalance and sliding camera plate provide finger-tip handling up to the load limit of 55 lbs (25kg). Whip pans, slow motion sequences--no problem. Continuously variable true fluid drag provides precisely the right amount of dampening you need. Finally, if you dread mounting a fluid head in the dark amid a web of cables and under sheets of driving rain, you'll find inner peace with the illuminated bubble level shining brightly with a ruby glow in your sea of chaos.

As a working professional in the field, you demand strength, versatility, and reliability from your field kit. With the Libec LS-100M(2A), you'll find that and more from spreader to wedge plate, backed with the iron-clad Libec 3-year warranty.

Continuously variable fluid drag to precisely dampen any shooting style
Continuously variable counterbalance and sliding camera plate with 50mm of travel for perfect camera/lens/accessory balance regardless of configuration
Illuminated bubble level for fast, precise leveling in any setting
Heavy-duty dual aluminum alloy leg tubes for superior torsion resistance
Cine-style rotary leg clamps for reliable setup in any temperature


  • H60/T78//SP-1/SC-7,
  • LS-60
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