CINELEX TRX Wireless DMX Transceiver (GOLD-MOUNT)

CINELEX TRX Wireless DMX Transceiver (GOLD-MOUNT)
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TRX-A by Cinelex is an all-in-one transmitter & receiver enabling wireless control of any DMX-capable light. Switching between ‘receive’ or ’transmit’ modes is completed immediately at the touch of a button.
As a receiver, TRX-A mounts directly to a light fixture using its Gold-Mount battery plate. In turn, a battery docked to TRX-A simultaneously supplies power to the light and TRX-A itself.

Once mounted, powered & synchronised – TRX-A receives & relays all signals to the light through the fixture’s DMX input.
In ‘transmit’ mode, TRX-A becomes a wireless DMX transmitter. When tethered to a lighting control desk, the unit wirelessly beams all signals to it synced receivers.
A 5-30V DC input allows continuous power using the including multi-country AC adaptor – ideal when tethered to a control desk.
Manufactured for professionals, TRX-A is constructed from extruded aluminium and is built to withstand tough rental & on-set environments.
LED lights display the status of several functions, including active mode & signal strength.
Full-size 5-pin XLR in & out connectors means integration with existing equipment is seamless and pain-free. Operating on the LumenRadio protocol, TRX-V is cross-compatible with all Cinelex products.

  • Universal compatibility with any DMX-capable light
  • Dual-function ‘transmit’ & ‘receive’ modes
  • Pass-through power system (GOLD-Mount battery required)
  • 5-30V DC power input
  • Full-size 5-pin XLR connectors
  • LED status signal lights
  • Robust construction


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